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Star5 qty very good!

great deal for the price!

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Star5 qty Good
mer…@yahoo.com Really Hydrating, fits well on the skin, Like it
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Star4 qty Nice hydrating mask

Overall a pretty good cheapie mask. Of the 0.2 Therapy Air Mask line, I prefer the ampoule or moist watery type masks over the emulsion essence masks, and this one is an ampoule type mask. There's no smell (which I was happy about) and there was plenty of essence to use on my neck both the day I used the mask and the next day. The only thing I didn't like was, just like the other masks in this line, the mask dried out completely in less than 15 minutes, and it's very humid here in the summer, so this surprised me. 

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Star5 qty good

very moisturizing and soft 

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Star5 qty One of my favorite sheet masks

The cotton mask is super thin and stays on really well. Definitely one of the best inexpensive masks available! 

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