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Star5 qty My number 1

This is seriously my favorite exfoliator! It leaves my skin so clean and soft and not dried out at all. Already repurchased!  

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Star5 qty Love it!!

Out of all the exfoliators I've used, I love this one the most. I have sensitive skin so exfoliators in general were tough. But this one is gentle enough that I can use 2x a week. And it doesn't cause any redness after use. I think my face likes the honey part of it lol. Scars are slowly fading. One side of my face has better results than the other, but I'll blame the strong sun where I live that tends to target the one side of my face with the most scars no matter the preventative measures I take. It does smell great tho. None of that harsh chemical I'll-scrub-your-face-off smell! FYI: its says to shake well to mix the product before use. Definitely physically mix it with something (finger, spoon, etc) first before using so that the sugar unclumps and mixes wit the honey. The sugar/exfoliator part of it had settled to the bottom when I first got it, so initial uses weren't with much exfoliation.74a39ea7ec3062ec0459b70484cdf161_1506038

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Star5 qty Feels amazing
tom…@hotmail.com I loved this and have been using this religiously. It gives an amazing feel after you wash it off.
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Star5 qty love

Great mask for exfoliating!

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alf…@gmail.com Love the sugar masks from this brand. I got to say the honey one is my absolute favourite!
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