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Star5 qty Favorite Exfoliator
gtc…@gmail.com I love the Skinfood masks! I purchased the rice one before this one because I thought the sugar might be to abrasive but I had no reason to be worried. This mask has the perfect balance between being gentle and exfoliating, and I definitely notice improvement in my skin from the honey when I use it as a mask. Definitely a staple in my routine, I will be repurchasing.
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Star5 qty very good
evi…@gmail.com Suka bgt pas pakai product ini. Wajah jadi lbh bersih krn Ada scrubnya, wanginya enak
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Star5 qty Very good product.
TCh…@hotmail.com I will buy it again.
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Star5 qty Worth the money

This product helps my skin look healthier, brighter, cleaner, and smoother.

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Star5 qty realyy good

It helped on my acne and scars Lve it 

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