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Star4 qty Really nice and calming


To be honest I'm not %100 sure about its effects but I really like this mask. It smells perfect like other Huxley products 

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Star3 qty I was not sure
sup…@yahoo.com I'm new to Huxley and so far I'm loving all of the products I've tried. This one I'm not so sure. I don't think it helped my skin. This smell like any other Huxley product. It didn't really calm my redness. I like the concept but it didn't work for me.
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Star5 qty Good for calming redness
Mkl…@gmail.com I use this product whenever my skin feels irritated and red. I have sensitive skin and this product calms my redness right after just one use! I like keeping it in the fridge so it feels cool whenever I put it on my face. Idk about the exfoliant properties but I use it mainly for the redness.
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Star4 qty Good

I think this is good, the consistency I am not a fan off but the effect is nice.

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Star5 qty Sleep with Soft Skin

This mask has really calmed my redness on my face, probably due to the hot weather lately. I don't use it every night - I alternate with other wash off masks and sheet masks. It has a very fresh scent, reminds me of  cucumber cactus combination. I'm glad I got this in the spring just in time for this ridiculous heat wave in Southern California after 4th of July.

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