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Star5 qty Awesome tomato mask

It reduces my redness inmediately and the next morning my skin tone is so much betterca10c6dc54bc54fb6d44f7070b969de4_1495879 

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Star5 qty its so good

it clears the skind and its soft

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Star4 qty Amazing
Fit…@yahoo.com Its a good for mask , it makes brightening and smooth in my skin
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Star4 qty Brightening

My favorite things about this is the packaging! It's so cute lol. The mask itself is pretty decent. Slightly strong floral scent. Some people might dislike it. It doesn't bother me much. It gives a temporary brightening effect on the face. It doesn't dry out my skin either.

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Star5 qty RenRen

Really good to get instant brightening effect. the packaging also really cute 

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