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Star5 qty Tonymoly tomatox magic massage pack
wen…@yahoo.com Sudah habis 3 pack..puas bangettt..karena itu saya selalu beli
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Star4 qty A good whitening mask

If you look for a temporary effect on your skin, this is perfect. 



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Star3 qty tony moly mask tomato

Good but my skin is sensitive and the perfume causes me pills I do not think I'll buy againfa745271af3bc100280366b33da78ce7_1503591 

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Star4 qty bello envase

buena contextura, pero se salio un poco de producto del envase durante el viaje 461279b6ef21fc14ae2eb811bf38ce5a_1503350 

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Star5 qty Temporary

This is a wash off mask that is super adorable!

Its main properties are to whiten and moisturize at the same time.

I have to say, it smells so nice and it does what it claims to do


You can come see me use these products here!




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