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Star4 qty Great!
Via…@yahoo.com Totally sucks out the sebaceous filaments up to the top and it does brighten my skin..not as drying as when you use a typical clay mask which i totally appreciate. Fun factor too when it bubbles up. Just be careful to not put too much on the nose and mouth area
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Star5 qty Great Experience

It felt like pop rocks on my face(in a good way). After washing it off my face felt so nice too!

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Star5 qty Great fun!

I loved using this mask - Bubbles like crazy and feels awesome afterwards. Like in previous reviews, it can get a little messy but nothing too bad!

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Star3 qty kemakan bagus

kulit kering setelah pemakaian dan agak gatal. bunyi bublenya lucu dan kemakasannya oke

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Star4 qty Cool and fun
fay…@gmail.com This is really fun to use and it really does bubble up! Kind of messy and hard to take off.
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