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Star4 qty Good!

This is a good eye and lip makeup remover. It is very gentle and light and I like it!



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It is a really good eye-lips make up remover, it trate your skin gently 

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Star5 qty love!

This product is great! Always removes all traces of make up I've been wearing all day.

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Star5 qty great

super awesome





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Star5 qty Love it!!!

Love this point make-up remover, it makes my life so much easier! After shaking vigorously (to congeal the oil and liquid layer), I apply on a cotton pad and use it to remove my eye/mascara and lip make up and this product removes the make up really nicely. It's not too harsh but strong enough to remove point make up. It can remove dried on waterproof make up and does a better job than the Garner micellar water make up remover. 


Photo: Top applied Peripera lip stain, bottom removed with the product. 



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