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Star5 qty Very good
jen…@yahoo.co.in Love this balm cleanser. Removes my makeup without irritating the skin. It lasts me a long time as well!!
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Star5 qty strong cleaning power



This product is soooo easy to use. It removes the makeup very efficiently! 


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Star5 qty LOVE IT

this product changed my life. easy makeup removing, re-repurchasing for sure!2f29954cea724f333d3479bf74725ea7_1505302 

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Star5 qty combination
mig…@gmail.com Love it, REALLY enjoy double cleansing now
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Star3 qty Oil Cleanser

Has a rose scent to it. Does what is says it does, however I prefer my Heimish oil cleanser. The beamish is better value for money and I don't have to rub as hard as I do with this one.

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