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Star5 qty Great result for cleaning and feels gentle on skin

This product feels very comfortable especially around eye area.

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Star3 qty stings my eye

not sure if this product is good for the eyes, had a little irrritation after using

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Star5 qty Great product
amy…@gmail.com Would purchase
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Star5 qty best makeup remover ever

i dont wear makeup often but when I do I use this after and then I feel like I really got all of it off my face. 

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Star5 qty Amazing
sig…@gmail.com I was so satisfied after the very first time I used it. I wear a pretty heavy face of gothic makeup on pretty much a daily basis. This includes foundation, plenty of waterproof eyeliner and mascara and quite dark shades of eye shadows and liquid lipstick. Getting all of it off was always annoying and time consuming until I stumbled upon this product. It literally melts all of my makeup away in seconds. and it rinses off so easily. I normally have left over raccoon eyes after double cleansing due to the mascara and eye liner not being completely washed off but not with this. It takes away even the most stubborn of products. And it smells deliciously too. Absolutely love this!
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