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kar…@hotmail.com Very good product
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My mom got me the Clean It Zero Purity for sensitive skin for me a while ago.

I knew I wanted to get the product again but realized I needed to switch from the sensitive skin one because my skin condition has changed.

Now it is less oily and drier, but it needs stronger treatment so I bought the original.

For me it works even better and I also see more of a difference in the amount of sebum in my skin!

You truly can never go wrong with this~

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Star5 qty Very good
Nin…@hotmail.fr It makes the skin smooth, purified and beautiful I love it !
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awa…@hotmail.com loved it
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Star5 qty Clean it zero
meg…@gmail.com Remove all my make up with a real gentle balm and of course non irritate my skin. Feel moisturing after cleansing it.
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