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Star5 qty Works well

Only been using it for a week and have noticed my skin becoming fairer. Love it.e04dafc446a23eb85863a982dcfd7649_1510270 

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Star3 qty review

it was ok but didnt see any difference 

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Star4 qty good

i like the texture and packaging9877c8d6cbea27acecad7522f9d3380e_1496297 

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Star5 qty very effective, my skin is brighter

It started to show after 2 weeks of constant usage in my night routine but it was worth the waiting, even thoug I broke out once, it cleared up really well. I would highly recommend putting arbutin into your routine as well if you have discoloration on your skin. It smoothed out the overall color of my face and is much brighter

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Star4 qty Subtitle brightening
asu…@gmail.com Don't expect this product to lighten your skin dramatically! The purpose of this product is to advoid the production of melanin ( a pigment in your skin). This product did brighten my skin and make my skin look more even so I highly recommend.
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