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Star5 qty recommend

A little goes a long way. 9fb2a7e24eb6ef15bd6fdd966fe827a6_1506910

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Star4 qty Great !

The texture is not that bad, and my skin feel smooth after using it. But i had some breakouts the day after using it. But i think my skin just need to get used of the product. So good enough !1365dc82b681a49f0143813305f30aed_1506696 

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Star4 qty Good for acne-prone

I feel like it helps my acne scars to a certain degree. In addition, it's moisturizing so it's good for layering in the fall and winter. 

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Star5 qty Smooth and soft

The package is really nice, its pump in small amount and easy to apply too.


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Star5 qty Still going strong in a long lost relationship


If you are a girl with scarring, have big pores, or just want your face to look fresh and healthy; this one just is the best product you can choose. I really love the snail ingredient and you can really feel and see it back in the product. After using it for at least 7 months I can say that I see so much results. My skin is reacting very well to the product, and it really is worth your money. I bottle is good for at least 5/6 months, so it really is a good investment. :) 

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