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Star4 qty Slimy

Feels nice on the skin, helps with my acne scars but feels just like snail slime

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Star4 qty Nice Serum.
pra…@outlook.my It's light and not heavy on my face. But didn't notice any major difference in my face. So not gonna buy next time. Gonna try Missha this time.
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Star5 qty 2nd bottle

This is my second bottle of this essence. A little goes a long way. I like this essence because whenever my skin becomes dry from whatever reason, this essence is very moisturizing and has helped fade acne scares. Though the fading doesn't happen quickly, its a gradual fading and I don't mind it. I only use 2 pumps for my entire face but one pump is also enough. It's a thick essence and once I thought I didn't wash my face that well because white started to show up but that's just the essence. if that happens, you just have to keep patting/massauging the essence into the skin.It leaves the face plump and cooled down. I really like this essence enough to buy another bottle.


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Star4 qty good

it gets itchy sometimes but it does smoothen out the skin

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Star5 qty I'd recommend this!
Kay…@yahoo.com The consistency is.. slimy, but I don't mind! It's a great product and really absorbs into the skin. So far I can't tell if it has faded my acne scars. I have been using this product for three weeks but I do find it to be moisturizing!
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