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Star5 qty Tsania
Tsa…@gmail.com I love this product
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Star5 qty Different from what I use
ste…@gmail.com I heard snail mucin is good for your skin and so far I like it! It did help clear up acne scars. The only thing that threw me off was the cositency but you get used to it. Many American products that I've tried aren't like this so I enjoy it a lot!
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Star5 qty Moisturizing!

I have really dry cheeks during the summer time and lotion on its own doesn't do very much for me, but putting this on underneath helped keep my skin moisturized all day! 


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Star5 qty Must Have
lin…@gatepost.com This stuff is amazing, it has a tacky texture but it not only moisturizes, it also heals. I used it on a burn and it was cooling and soothed the area. I even use this on my 4 year old
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Star5 qty Great product

I used it night and day. It such a great moisturizer

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