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Star5 qty love it

love this product, keeps my skin hydrated and supple

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Star5 qty Love this goodie, the best snail slime out there.

I love snail slime based product, and I believe this is the only product out there that has 96% of snail secretion. You really do see result with it. Your skin would feel super soft and your minor pimples would heal much faster as well. I've purchased like 6 bottles of this, kept repurchasing ever since the first one. One of the best serum out there, and for a decent price. I highly recommend.e3e85dfaba89154eda34e99ad456b7a8_1502191

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Star4 qty hydrating

I love this COSRX product. Once you are familiar with its strange tacky/slimy feeling it is quite soothing. Not sure if it has helped my complexion after only 2 weeks use but i will continue to use purely for the hydration and plumpness it gives to me skin. 

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Star4 qty Sticky but good and hydrates

It is a good product, i use it over the beauty water and it keeps me well hydrated. d11d0cf830578d4517ca3d98a06f75ac_1501873 

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Star5 qty amazing
dup…@gmail.com amazing product! i've been using it for 2 weeks now and i actually started seeing a difference in only a week after using it. my mom noticed it too and complimented my skin haha, my scars have already faded a lot for such a short amount of time!
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