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Star5 qty Love cosrx
aur…@yahoo.com Easy to use,good and cheap product
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Star4 qty Good choice for the price

Bought this after trying a sample. It does help with hydration and I think it is a decent product for the price.  

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Star3 qty doesn't work for me

I had really high expectations after reading all the reviews about this product. I've been using it for more than a month now and I can't say I can see fascinating results. It broke me out after the first use. It doesn't reduce redness. It does hydrate my skin well though and it is probably the best thing I've ever used for my under eye area. I also used it after a clay mask and a toner, and it felt like all that "clean feeling" you have after a clay mask was gone as soon as I applied this essence. It made the cleaned blackhead black again.

I don't think I will be repurchasing. 

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Star4 qty decent

Bought this with high expectations as i have sensitive skin with occasional acne - this doesn't irritate my skin and absorbs well/is soothing, but haven't really noticed any drastic effects otherwise? 

If you're weighing up between this and the 92 cream I'd definitely pick this, the cream broke me out...

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Star5 qty Where have you been all my life~~????
bhe…@yahoo.com If I could give this product GAZILLION stars, I seriously would. I swear this changed my skin right after the night I used it. Now I blame myself for not knowing about this product beforehand so that I don't have to suffer from a rocky road (acne prone) skin. It is just unexplainable how it miraculously smoothens the skin in just ONE night. So just imagine using it until you emptied out the entire bottle. I can't wait for that day to come ^o^ A hyperpigmentation/ acne scar/ dull free skin. Highly recommend!
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