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Star5 qty Where have you been all my life~~????
bhe…@yahoo.com If I could give this product GAZILLION stars, I seriously would. I swear this changed my skin right after the night I used it. Now I blame myself for not knowing about this product beforehand so that I don't have to suffer from a rocky road (acne prone) skin. It is just unexplainable how it miraculously smoothens the skin in just ONE night. So just imagine using it until you emptied out the entire bottle. I can't wait for that day to come ^o^ A hyperpigmentation/ acne scar/ dull free skin. Highly recommend!
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My skin had acne scarring and after I tired a sample of this, the next morning I could see a difference. My acne scar has lightened. I immediately went and bought a bottle that very day. I am obsessed with this. My skin has never looked better. IT CHANGED MY FACE. 

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