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Star4 qty Moisturising

Works well to moisturise my skin! Works best with other moisturising products, don't rely on this product alone for moisture.

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Star5 qty Awesome

Skin becomes very smooth

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Star5 qty loved it!

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Star5 qty Amazing
Kai…@gmail.com I will never go without this product again. It has fixed my skin so much in evening it out, shrinking pores (their pretty much invisible) and I had some biggies. My skin is lighter and smoother. This is my best find to date, buy this you won't be disappointed.
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Star3 qty Cosrx gold
nai…@gmail.com I like this product. Its snail sticky and very hydrating. It is hyped up a bit for what it actually does, but I find it hydrating none the less. Not much else.
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