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Star3 qty Cosrx gold
nai…@gmail.com I like this product. Its snail sticky and very hydrating. It is hyped up a bit for what it actually does, but I find it hydrating none the less. Not much else.
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Star4 qty great!!!!!

The essence makes my skin feel hydrated and plump, which I love!  It feels a little sticky and gooey at first, but once you put it on your face it'll absorb and feel great. 

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Star5 qty Review
Ste…@gmail.com Still use it for less than one week, so can see the result But it's very light I can use it in the morning and night
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Star5 qty very good essence

i have been using it for the past 2 weeks and i really like this essence! keeps all the hydration. and it feels great on the skin 5020ac6a36dd6a341e5e1d23fcfefb8d_1508343 

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Star5 qty already seen great improvement

This essence is incredible. I've only been using it for two weeks but have already seen a great difference in reduced redness and discoloration from acne spots. It really feels nourishing! I will be repurchasing. 

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