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Star4 qty Works well
bab…@hotmail.com COSRX BHA gave me chemical burn, so I did not have high hopes for COSRX AHA. To my surprise, I find it quite gentle and it clears most of my white head.
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Star2 qty liquid

This did not work well for me as i have very stubborn whiteheads maybe it would work on others.

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Star5 qty Smooth skin

Helps my skin bee smooth. Use with caution not to overexfoliate and always use sunscreen.b6018e8b0bb061942f37b0e3dfd4a34f_1497322

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Star5 qty good

I love it. Not so expensive as well!!! :) :P 

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Star4 qty Not convinced yet

I purchased this AHA because many people said it made their skin very smooth. Well, in my case, it does get rid of some dead skin cells, but a few dry patches still remain present. However, I have noticed that it works really well if you put it directly on the breakouts! Oh, and it performs wonderfully when it comes to treating body acne.

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