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Star5 qty Power

it really is a power liquid, I use this 2-3 times per week and it keeps pimples away! it also helps against whiteheads already on my face too. on the directions it says not to use with any other bha and aha products so I alternate using my other cosrx skincare when I don't use this 

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Star5 qty Works wonders!
bas…@hotmail.com All my life I've been trying to get rid of the whiteheads that appear in the crease of my nose and on my chin. Cosrx has done it again with their skin care products! All my white heads went away as soon as I used used this. I have pretty sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me at all.
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Star5 qty Good
app…@yahoo.com Funny smell but skincare is not suppose to smell good overall the product did its job :)
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Star5 qty repurchase.

This is by far the best whitehead remover hands down.

The first time I used, I had a few breakouts but i continued using it,and now my whiteheads have reduced.still have some but probably will get there. 

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Star3 qty Not sure.
Ana…@outlook.es I love the brand. My problem is that I tend to have many whiteheads in my forehead and chin. I tried many products without getting much improvement. At first I thought that this one would be the one, but it has his days. Sometimes I see a good effect, but after a while using it, it doesn't work, my skin gets accustomed in just a couple of weeks.
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