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Star5 qty A very good product
n05…@gmail.com Love it
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Star5 qty Pretty good
deb…@yahoo.com I just use it 1 times and it makes my face slightly brighter at the morning. Hopefully it can fade my acne scars.
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Star4 qty Okay

It's okay, I don't find myself reaching for it very often because of the consistency. It's very sticky and dries fast so it feels weird when doing my whole skincare routine

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Star3 qty I guess

I used half the bottle so far, but I dont really see a drastic change or whiting in my skin. It works, but I really hate how it is super sticky. 

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Star5 qty I really like it !
Mei…@gmail.com It works perfectly with c20 vitamin sleep 9 to 5 cream , it makes my skin flowless every time I use it !
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