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Star5 qty Good

Good serum. My skin is a little bit brighter. Maybe using in long time will have better effect. 

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Star5 qty Great serum
pra…@gmail.com This product reduce my pores size
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Star5 qty c20 serum

reduces pore sizes. love it. 

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Star5 qty Favorite product

Honestly i feel a really big difference whenever i'm running out of this serum. This makes my skin so much better. Even for my "wrinkles" (i'm on my 20's so this is small wrinkles tho) after some use it really dissapear. But when i'm running out of this product then it appears again. It makes your face brighter... Anyway yeah, i recommand it.  

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Star5 qty Great serum
cic…@yahoo.com Read very good review about this serum, and its true, make my skin feel soft and bright
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