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Star5 qty perfect

Good product. I will buy it again.

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Star5 qty Highly raved

This product has been talked about a lot in the beauty community and I see why. It is an excellent vitamin C serum. My advice is to use this right away. I bought a back up of this and left it stored for a while, when I opened it sadly it has gone bad so you have to be careful and follow the storage instructions.

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Star5 qty Love it
sth…@gmail.com I love how effective it is and I usually mix this with a lotion as it may sting without it. I keep it in its box in the fridge to slow down the oxidising process and to keep it as fresh.
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Star2 qty Love hate relationship
Dar…@gmail.com Maybe this serum dont suit on me. Everytime i used at night routine, i got white and small bump on cheek. It also made my skin looks darker. I only use 1-2 week aprox.
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Star5 qty review
rrw…@gmail.com This product is nice and smooth. You don't need to use a lot. It leaves my skin feel and looking smooth. I would probably buy it again.
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