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Star3 qty Meh

It's a little bit too sticky to my liking. I find the serum quite harsh, as it makes my face red and itchy after application. I only use this once in a while during my night skincare routine.



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Star5 qty YALL

- this definitely has helped fade my scars; i got results within...3 days? 4? 

- the scent is citrus-y but when it oxides it smells kinda bad lol

- it leaves a tacky feeling on the skin (moisturizer over it should help a bit)

- burns a bit at first use (normal for vitamin c serums i'm sure) but not as much later on 

- gel-like consistency (a little more watery than a gel tho) makes application easier

- absorbs in easily


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Star5 qty amaizing

 beautiful serum and very useful 

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Star4 qty I cant wait to see the result
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I had a break out the first time usage, but out of that my skin feel so healthy.
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Star5 qty Best serum!!
zin…@gmail.com Best ever serum for blemishes skin My dark spots and blemishes fades away...
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