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Star5 qty Buena compra

Había comprado la muestra y terminé comprando el tamaño regular porque es un bálsamo que hace su trabajo y lo hace bien. Quita el maquillaje y deja la piel fresca sin sensación grasa. Buena inversión si quieres hacer la doble limpieza al estilo coreano.

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Star4 qty nice balm cleanser

this balm cleanser really good...it cleans all my make up even the waterproff one..

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Star5 qty Love this product
acq…@gmail.com Removes makeup very nicely and does not irritates the eyes... Can understand why it's is a holy grail for many people... will repurchase it..
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Star5 qty Good
lem…@hotmail.com Nice product!! Remove the makeups very clean, and the ingredients are quite natural!
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Star5 qty PICK THIS!

Personally I prefer this over the Banila Co. Clean it Zero. 

The scent is SOOOOO AMAZINGGGG! I can't get enough of it. It makes me enjoy and look forward to cleansing off my makeup. 

The price and quantity is unbeatable!

Highly recommend to get it and would for sure repurchase again. 

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