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Star5 qty Do not irritate my eyes
evl…@hotmail.com Very good oil-based cleansing product. Easily removed my makeup and does not irritate my eyes 
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Star5 qty My second time buy !
pra…@outlook.my Big fan of this. Bought second time. Perfect and gentle for acne prone, sensitive and combination skin types. No regrets. Go for it without giving second thought. Thanks!
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Star5 qty Soothing cleanser balm.
pra…@outlook.my I have acne prone, sensitive and combination skin. It never breakouts. I don't use any makeup I use only SPF in the day and to remove that I use this balm and follow my skin routine. It really helps to remove SPF and makes my skin clean. The only complaint is I received the runny state not a balm form. I guess it got melted while transit but there is no change in effect. I hope it's safe to use if it's in runny form? But overall the best balm. I ordered again on offer though I haven't opened it yet. Hope this one should be in solid state. Take my word, it's perfect for people who have skin like mine and gentle to use without the thought of breakouts. Thanks!
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Star5 qty Love this!!

Great cream to do double cleansing! I'm using it with my Cosrx morning gel. My makeup is easily removed and my face feels clean and fresh!!

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Star5 qty Miracle!

This balm used to made me think of the Zero from Banila, but I think this one from Hemish works just fine. The consistency is the same, and it pretty much has the same effect. Happy that there was a sale on this item, cuz I'm in love with it.  

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