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Star5 qty love it

this is a very nice oily cleanser, doesn't sting my eyes and smells so good

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Star5 qty In love!
dil…@gmail.com Will never go back to other cleansers! This stuff is amazing! Such excellent ingredients and so gentle on the skin but so effective at removing makeup at the same time. I use this before the cosrx low ph cleanser and together they are perfecto
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Star5 qty Cleansing won't be complete without this one!

Hands down, this is my favorite balm now. I used to stick only to oil-based cleansers, but this is wayyyy gentler, especially for someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin like me. Will definitely repurchase!

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Star5 qty Good and Gentle

I like this cleaning balm, it's very gentle on the skin and take every off like a dream. It's better compare to the Banilla Co because it  won't sting your eyes.

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Star5 qty Better than the Clean It Zero

First of all, the packaging is so #aesthetic. The product is gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes. It removes my waterproof mascara and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. Couldn't ask for a better product! 

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