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Star5 qty better than banila co

The HG balm cleanser. It smells amazing and does the job. I found my best  makeup remover! You should try it too!

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Star5 qty MY Holy Grail !!!

wow I adore this cleansing balm so much!!!

it removes my makeup perfectly, doesn't sting my eyes, it's more gentle than the Banila Co. Clean it Zero... maybe some people doesn't like the smell, but for me it's not a big deal..



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Star5 qty nice cleansing balm

I love how it remove my make up so quickly

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jas…@gmail.com I'm obsessed with this cleansing balm! It removes all kinds of make up and leaves my face squeaky clean. The fact that it contains numerous fruit and flower extracts is just wonderful, I dare to say it has even helped me fight a few pimples. The balm has a bit of tea tree extract in it, so I recommend putting on a moisturiser right after usage. :)
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Star5 qty Effective

This balm is very effective on cleaning off make up and sunblock. It is a very nice first step cleanser. the smell is somewhat like citrus and herbally. There's a convenient spoon that comes with the balm so its easier to scoop out the balm.

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