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Star5 qty Amazing!
Rfo…@hotmail.com Have been wanting to try this out for awhile after seeing Youtube videos and trying the clay wash. It was on offer so I had to get it! It works so well! I've been using oil makeup remover on eye makeup and my eyes ended up red and raw. This just dissolves the makeup and it slides right off. Another plus is it rinses clean and you're not left with an oily residue like most removers! Next time it's on offer, I'm stocking up!
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Star5 qty Best cleansing balm

I have tried various cleansing oils and balms. And hands down this is the best I have used. Removes makeup completely, makes skin soft and doesn't irritate eyes. Also safer ingredients than many other cleansing products out there. 

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Star5 qty just like heaven

this is one of my favorite oil-based cleansing products ever!! gentle on the skin and clears away all makeup like it's nothing! this is a skincare essential for me, i've bought it before and i'll be clutching this in my gave 

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Star5 qty Lovely cleansing product

I have just recently purchased this and I love it already. It has a light floral fragrance but it does not linger after washing. It takes off all of my make-up and sunscreen, and it leaves the skin feeling clean without it feeling too dry or tight.

Sometimes when I'm too lazy to do a second cleanse at night, I would just use this as it does the job well enough anyway.   

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Star5 qty Recomendado

Quita muy bien el maquillaje, no irrita los ojos y huele muy bien.

Rendirá bastante tiempo, ya que no ocupas mucho, lo recomiendo.

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