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Star5 qty best makeup remover!

the only makeup remover you need. it's the best.

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Star5 qty Amazing
May…@gmail.com Literally melts away my makeup in a few seconds! Doesn't irritate anywhere, not even my eyes.
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Star5 qty my favourite oil cleanser!

I wear a lot makeup and was looking for a good remover without drying my skin. I got this on a recommendation and am in love! This removes all my makeup along with any oil and smells very good. I highly recommend purchasing this, it's worth your money!

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Star1 qty Is my product expired?

I ordered this balm in Feb 2017 and have just opened it. Very strange. It's supposed to be a solid balm cleanser where I assume at ideal temperatures to be similar to vegetable shortening (e.g. crisco) and mine is not that. At all. My balm is half way melted even after leaving it in the fridge. I hope Style Korean responds to my issue appropriately.27830c21eba08421ae39a1b42f222a24_1490621 

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Star5 qty good balm!

love the scent and the texture!

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