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Star5 qty WOW! Amazing!

I usually have this "burning/dry" feeling after washing my face. I tried a lot of toners but none of them worked as good as this one! It calmes my skin in an instance! I have never thought it could be possible to achive just with a toner!


Works great! My favourite so far. 


One drawback was that the "sprinkler" thing in the piece I received did not work and I had to move the toner into a different container.



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Star3 qty Ehh
Bay…@yahoo.com To be honestly, I felt no different with this product and felt it didn't do much about what it said to do. I would say I just enjoyed spray it on my face since that made it feel rather refreshing.
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Star5 qty A little sticky, but serves its purpose.

I had no problem with my oily skin after using this. But, if you apply a little bit too much on your face, it leaves a sticky residue. It works good other than that. 8908da0d2810f6ed623283b93dfb53c6_1502758 

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Star5 qty Tones without the sting
Mkl…@gmail.com This product made my skin smoother without the harsh chemicals. I even accidentally sprayed my eyes with it but it did't sting. It has no scent and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.
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Star5 qty i just spray it

mist? toner?





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