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Star4 qty Good enough

A go1365dc82b681a49f0143813305f30aed_1506696
od toner without smell. 

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Star5 qty Nice toner

It does a good job as a toner and doesn't feel drying

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Star5 qty Clearing and refreshing

I love trying new toners and I really like that this is in a spray bottle. My skin has cleared up a bit since using this. I'd been over-exfoliating and needed to restore my skin. Because of the over-exfoliation I had more pimples than usual and this toner definitely helped clear it up faster.

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Star5 qty Favorite toner
ale…@ndus.edu This toner does not dry out skin nor does it moisturize, but it does prep the skin and provide some good acne fighting power. I like how light and refreshing this toner is.
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Star5 qty awesome!!

I've used this ever since I got it!! Very refreshing and trustworthy

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