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Star5 qty Very nice
vin…@gmail.com I use this in the morning. Very soothing, smells wonderful. I am never disappointed in Neogen.
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Star5 qty Rose scent!

I have been using this product for about three weeks now, and I can only say good things about it! It doesn't irritate my skin or leave it feeling dry. It has a decent, subtle scent of rose and easily removes any dirt I might have missed after the oil cleanser. The packaging is also very pretty!3bcd92f201f95b9fc941e05fb1631d33_1505353 

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Star5 qty works amazing

I am a huge fan of neogen and this product did not disappoint!

It erases my makeup very easy and does not leave any stingy or dry feeling on my face

You can come see me use these products here!


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Star3 qty it works nice

the rose smell is really ​really ​strong so be prepared for that

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Star3 qty I liked it but...

I really liked this product while I was using it but I ended up packing it away and not using it for about a month/a month and a half because I was moving (and it took me a while to find it again). When I did find it again it seemed to have gone bad. I really did like it but I'm not sure way it went off, maybe I had a bottle from bad batch?

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