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Star3 qty just fine

Use this type today and it does not smell fruity at all compare to other pomegranate mask of other brands that i have use before, in fact to me it smell a bit like plastic when i put the mask on my face. and the mask is quite slippery for this type.

the first few minutes, i can feel the mask heating up my face before provide cooling to it.

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Star5 qty Really Nice

Leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and healthy looking. Doesn't cause break outs or irritations. 

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Star4 qty works good enough!

Honestly speaking, I tried etude house sheet mask because I was kinda out of money that time but taking care of my skin is more important thats why I decided to gave it a go. Bought 10 sheet masks with 10 different extract so I thought it would be easier to give them one review at once.

These sheet masks are NOT the type of product where you can say, "you get what you pay for". But instead, "not bad" just beacuse most of them are unexpectedly good and some are not, thats why i'm giving them 4 stars. Forgot which of them are good and which are not. Or it might be because they work differently on different skin types. So overall, its worth the try ^^

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Star5 qty good

I love it. Not so expensive as well!!! :) :P 

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Star5 qty Love it sm!!!
Sof…@gmail.com You really can see a difference after!!
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