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Star5 qty Very nice
liz…@yahoo.com Generous amount of the eye cream in this kit! After 40 minutes, the mask still felt as if I just put it on! Very generous amount of serum on the mask!
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Star5 qty Very good
Uye…@gmail.com good
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Star5 qty Love this product or whatevah
Man…@yahoo.com I try this on my face and makes my face softer
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Star2 qty not good for sensitive skin

i really wanted to love this mask since there was a big hype around it but as soon as I put it on I felt a burning sensation and my skin was red afterwards. other reviewers say they had bad reactions to this too but apparently the brown one is better for sensitive skin. the eye cream and essence were fine for me though.

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Star5 qty love it

so much product to use and very moisturizing

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