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Star4 qty smells nice

really nice for travelling 

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Star5 qty nice

nice sheet mask for travelling

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Star5 qty great quality

I was very curious when i saw this mask, I liked it a lot because it had not only a sheet mask but essence and eye cream. 


This mask is one of the best thing I have bought, the essence and eye cream pouches hat a lot of product, I used them for a week long. The sheet mask has A LOT of essence, I used it all over my body. The mask itself is from a soft and thin material, and the fit is like it was cut just for myself. It leaves my skin so smooth and relaxed, I want to test all the jayjun products.

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Star5 qty Good
Rac…@hotmail.com Good
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Star4 qty [JAYJUN] Baby Pure Shining MASK 10ea
sol…@gmail.com Love the concept where you get an essence and eye cream with the sheet mask. Made my skin really soft, but i had a little of a skin irritation the day after(i used it in my night skincare routine). I have been testing out a lot of new products lately wish makes my skin more sensitive. So i will try this again when my skin has gore used to the new products I'm using. I wouldn't recommend this if you have really sensitive skin though(I like the black one better, and is more suitable for sensitive skin). If i don react to it again I will repurchase, it feels gorges on, and is very moisturizing. 
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