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Star3 qty okay

Not my favorite masks. I feel like there are definitely better snail masks on the market. They were an awkward fit for my face and the eye flaps made it very hard to avoid the eye area (witch i really wanted to do because of the bee venom)13c295b89c573da73b68451f865eac17_1502957 

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Star5 qty Great

Really great snail mask. I definitely enjoyed using it.

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Star5 qty great

Loved it ! One, if not my fave snail sheet mask. Bought 5 already !

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Star1 qty Not going to buy this again

It broke me up and didn't do much other than moisturizing. I was expecting more from this mask. COSRX snail products work way better.

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Star5 qty Love it!
Chr…@yahoo.com I love snail masks and this one is a fave! It helps to calm and repair my acne prone skin. It gives a good amount of moisture to your face and doesn't leave a sticky residue afterwards. You will not waste a lot of time patting it onto your skin. A must try!
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