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Star1 qty Not going to buy this again

It broke me up and didn't do much other than moisturizing. I was expecting more from this mask. COSRX snail products work way better.

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Star5 qty Love it!
Chr…@yahoo.com I love snail masks and this one is a fave! It helps to calm and repair my acne prone skin. It gives a good amount of moisture to your face and doesn't leave a sticky residue afterwards. You will not waste a lot of time patting it onto your skin. A must try!
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Star5 qty Pretty good!

This mask leaves my skin moisturized and glowing. It's one of my favorites!

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Star5 qty Love it
Sin…@hotmail.com My skin Feel so fresh and clear
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Star3 qty Good but not the best

I ordered 2 of snail bee masks for me and my girlfriend. Together we had similar issues , unpleasant feeling of pinch. Maybe because of bee venom. I thing this mask isnt best on the market

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