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Star5 qty Concealer
Kpg…@hotmail.com This concealer is great.it matches my skin color perfect and it's not too translucent that you have to reapply or build several layers. It's handy because it's small too. I bring it everywhere
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Star5 qty Great Concealer

This concealer matched my skin tone perfectly. It has very nice coverage!  I would purchase again

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Star5 qty high coverage concealer

ful ful fullllllll coverage

love it

really easy to blend into the skin

high coverage

I find this one way better then most western concealers


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Star4 qty Important: get the one that fits your skin tone an…

I'm originally a #23 or a Natural Beige, but the 02 was out of stock. I gambled with this one. Still the wrong color for me. But I still use it under my foundation and it gives me a bit of a glow. Love the coverage, too, but I think it'd have been better if it was my actual shade. 

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Star5 qty Favorite Concealer!

Love this concealer, it erases red spots from my face. 

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