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Star5 qty Awesome!!!

The Saem Tip Concealer is a cult favorite, so I had high expectations when purchasing this product. It did not disappoint! it blends really beautifully and has a nice consistency/texture. It was a little thicker than I expected but much better and a lot less chalky compared to other concealers especially the salmon pot concealer from Skin Food. I got two shades 1.5 (left) and 2 (right). 1.5 was my match, my skintone is light to medium with yellow undertone. Really affordable, high coverage, great concealer! 

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Star5 qty my fav

i live in the states and have tried high end to drug store concealers and so far the best, first of all the price! second the coverage! also the color is perfect match too. i have to say it is a little drying for me but it maybe because of my age too. (43yrs) but over all i would keep buying this one.

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Star4 qty Good
bub…@hotmail.com It's a well balanced concealer. Not drying, and sticks on skin, covers well. Wouldn't work great on dry patches.
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Star5 qty cheap and really good

this is the best concealer I have ever used so far. I definitely will buy again..

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Star5 qty Great coverage, affordable price

i like this because it is super easy to blend and have smooth natural finish, love it. 

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