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Star3 qty i can see why everyone likes this

I am pretty picky when it comes to my shading/contouring colors but this one seems to be ok..

It was known to be very cool toned which is something that i always look for which indeed it is. 

But the darkest color on the very right, has a red undertone to it which i was very disappointed in. 

But otherwise i like this product and i finished it all up when it just shattered yesterday. Good product but i think i can find something better


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Star5 qty Love
god…@yahoo.com.au Very nice contour
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Star5 qty Shading
li.…@gmail.com bdd2e52c996c4552518dc18cf4369ebd_1501039

Very subtle shading product, I use all 3 shades mixed together and it works well with my pale skin tone. 

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Star5 qty Best Shading Palette - Perfect for Contouring

Lives up to the hype - this shading palette is perfect for so many skin tones, and it's so easy to use. Moreover, its buttery, almost creamy texture is perfection on the skin. I love, love, love it. 

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Star5 qty Perfect.

This bronzer is the best shade for a light-medium skintone because it's not too orange. It is a cool brown tone and it just looks very good and natural. 

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