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Star5 qty very nice colours

looks very natural and i  love it

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Star5 qty lit
Fud…@gmail.com As someone with pale skin, this product is really nice and subtle at contouring. At first, I thought it would be too light for anything because the first shade seemed way to light for a contour. But on the face, the colors are very nice, and leave a natural shadow. It's a good palette to start contouring with because it looks so natural on the face. Very forgiving and can be built up to make a strong contour. :) 
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Star5 qty Looks so natural!

I love how subtle and natural this is! I've always hesitated to venture into contouring because it seemed so "harsh", but this is quite light but buildable, so you get to have control still. 

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Star5 qty great bronzer

I like this bronzer because its subtle and it works well with my skin.

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Star4 qty Natural Contour
apr…@yahoo.com I tend to use this on days where I want a more subtle, natural contour. My skin tone is more of a light/honey tan. When I contour, I usually go on the heavier side, but this is a great product to use on days where I don't want to go full glam. Nonetheless, this is a great addition to my make-up collection. 
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