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Star5 qty Nice for lighter skin . . .

this is a good shading/contouring product, but only to about a NC-30/35 shade and lighter. Otherwise it won't show much.

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Star4 qty I like it

Pros: Three colors. Cons: the darkest color is a little bit brownish for my liking i prefer grayish colors for contouring. Overall a good product.

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Star5 qty Great

The colors are really good and it applies nicely and smoothly! It's perfect ^^  

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Star5 qty Very nice
gin…@gmail.com This bronzer is definitely one of my favorite. I love that it has three shades so it's very versatile. It can also be used as an eyeshadow too! Formula wise, it's very smooth, not buttery smooth but more like a satin smooth
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Star5 qty Good

This product will work if you have light and medium skin tones,is pretty ok the product. The shading it gives you is very natural looking which is good. The packaging is plastic and very lightweight. I think it will last you at least 4-5 months if you use it every day.


P.D. I read some reviews that you should be careful with it because if you drop it it can shatter easily because it's kind of fragile. Other than that it's very good :)

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