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Star4 qty Celeb deep rose

Like the color and formula! Although I think the airy ink velvet formula's are better, if you prefer creamier types of lip tints then this series is for you! Don't be fooled by the packaging though, the color is a bit different from the color of the packaging but it's still a nice color which is bold and red, and It looks good as a gradient as well 63a5da482a45e7cb5803444dbf6a8045_1507543

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Star5 qty really nice
kim…@gmail.com a29eb1d79b4e81246782c85568c94222_1507325


this color looks really good and it lasts really long, it's really easy to apply  

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Star5 qty I love this colour

The colour is so naturally flattering, it's like a MLBB but in a deeper shade of the lips. You can do a really quick and easy gradation as the formula is like a gel (not liquidy) with one swipe of a finger. When you do that, the edges are faded really nicely and not unevenly. I find this is one of the best tints I've used, the tint lasts all day and doesn't dry my lips out. It transfers a bit at the beginning, but after a while it will stop and the tint will last.

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Star4 qty lip colour

it's way thicker than i expected . but the colour is so pretty and wears really well. don't dry lips out. 

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Star5 qty Nice brick color
liz…@yahoo.com Nice flattering brick color. Light sweet scent
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