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Star5 qty Good
Apr…@gmail.com Its the best color of peripera ink velvet. The colour really beautiful and i love it
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Star4 qty different on pale lips

Well first of all the colour is really different, it's a lot brighter and heavier than on the pictures but I do think it is because my lips don't have colour at al; so the pigment comes out like it is.

I have figured out that it stays on your lips better if you (of course) scrub your lips first and then apply it with a brush lightly. Then let it dry before drinking or eating (which you should do with all lip tints etc.) but then it stays quite long! Not as long as some youtubers claimed but it is definitely a good product. My lips dry out pretty quick but with these they don't dry out too quick and the colour stays if you put a bit of moisturizing stuff on it ^^

So overall pretty happy with it, I have the colours 5,6 and 7

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Star5 qty Celeb Deep Rose

This color is amazing! Absolutely beautiful and long lasting. Although the color was not like the color in the picture because my lips are pigmented making it look bright red, but it still looked very decent. The only warning I have to this if you have pigmented lips, the color will not come out the same as the picture in the description. Overall, amazing color, long lasting, and smells nice!

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Star5 qty love

Love these velvet tints from Peripera! The shades are absolutely beautiful!

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Star5 qty lovely ...

Favorite color of the collection !

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