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Star5 qty Smells nice

These masks smell nice, but when they start drying its really hard to keep them in place 9fe0a183c9b0830ae69b6af52e991499_1505926 

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Star5 qty great for in the morning

the coffee scent is great for a morning boost. highly recommend this line if you have dry skin. will repurchase.

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Star5 qty Yum!

Oh wow love this smell so much! and i was really surprised with just how good this mask is! Definitely will buy this mask again as it was super moisturising!  

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Star4 qty I like this smel

Coffee is my fav of the masks series 

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Star4 qty really nice sheet mask :-)

bought it along with a few other milk flavors from the same range mostly because of the packaging but surprisingly, it is very moisturizing and does not break me out! I was kind of skeptical and worried at first but I'm glad I got it in the end and I'll definitely purchase more in my next order :-)

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