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Star5 qty I need 100 of these

These masks are amazing, they smell of a creamy delicious cup of coffee, I never want to run out of these I wanna use them twice a day, but I use them every other day because I'm not about to break my skin out by overusing them ayyyy 

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Star4 qty Cute pack!

This has a very unique packaging and super cute that I got all 7 types available. Might repurchase again! XD

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Star3 qty best for night routine



my night routine would be perfect with chocolate milk scents. it stimulates me to relax.. i regret cause purcase 1. next time i will repurchase this more.

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Star5 qty good mask

i enjoyed using it a lot. the smell is very nice and not overwhelming, i think it was actually my favourite thing about this product.

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Star5 qty Firming mask
tan…@mail.ru Firming mask. The form of the mask is comfortable, the cutouts for the eyes are large. The mask is tightly attached to the face, it remains moist for a long time. The essence is white, it smells of coconut milk with coffee. Sticky.4b48f8155a757a700cef87cae2f9ebcb_1495472


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