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Star5 qty отличный тонер

Хорошо увлажняет, имеет приятный запах

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super hydrating for my super dry skin, smells nice like all of huxleys products, doesn't irritate my ridiculously sensitive skin

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Star5 qty amazing
emm…@hotmail.com got this for my sister and she has a normal that tends to dry sometimes. it was great for her skin type as it did not dry out her skin and kept skin fresh and clean
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Star5 qty Great!
Bay…@yahoo.com At first I wasn't so sure about the scent of this toner but as I kept using it I started to enjoy smelling the rather unique scent. This is the second toner I've ever used and I would say it's pretty good! My skin is already rather smooth and clear but I felt after using this it did help my skin feel brighter and tighter after using. It always just made me feel like my face was hydrated when using and I really enjoyed that about it. I would recommend if you're trying out a new toner.
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Star5 qty First toner
J44…@gmail.com This is my first ever toner . I had the COSRX one step pimple pads which is also considered a toner by Joan Kim (a YouTuber) but after using this one all of my other products applied so nicely. I love ❤️ her videos, they are SOO helpful, I also really look up to her.
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