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Star3 qty basic

i had high hopes for huxley products but this was one a bit basic and expensive.

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Star5 qty Believe the hype
sup…@yahoo.com It's so popular that it made me want to get it to. Plus Joan Kim uses it too which most of the products she uses, my skin tends to love them. I jumped the bandwagon and tried this. My skin feels smooth when I first tried it. The smell is fresh and not over powering. I immediately bought two eventhough I haven't tried it yet but now I'm in love!!
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Star2 qty Itchy

The fragrance is nice, but a bit strong to me and I felt itchy right after put on it, and later, rashes on my cheeks...

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Star5 qty I like it, but might not be for everyone!



Already in the process of reordering another one lol. I actually really like this toner! Although its nothing groundbreaking, the toner is really watery and carries no scent what so ever so it seems appropriate for sensitive skin. The product seems to be most effective for helping dry skin and doesn't have much of a brightening effect or helping with acne. As much as I like this toner, for people who are looking to cure problem areas or help improve certain aspects of their face, you may want to look for those kinds of specific toner. Still, 5 stars from me!

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Star5 qty Love this toner!

I don't know what it is about this toner, but my skin loves it! This is my favourite product from the line.

The only downside is I feel like this runs out quickly. I don't know maybe it is the cotton type I am using that is absorbing most of the product. I am loving this any way.

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